Whether you’re working from home or just spending more time there, spring is the perfect time to update your space. Read about a few inexpensive ways to refresh your home from APOGEE Project Manager, Kayla Beller:

  1. Paint an accent wall:
    • Have fun with color and use it as your biggest design element, even if it’s just on one wall! Painting an accent wall is something relatively inexpensive that everyone can do that will bring new life to a space.  At APOGEE, our current favorite accent color is Naval, which actually ended up being the Sherwin Williams 2020 “Color of the Year”! If you’re unsure of the color that you’d like to paint, you could consider the kind of energy you would like to gain from the space and use the color wheel to narrow down your choices. You will find that colors opposite of each other on the wheel will be most complimentary in your space.
      • Red: Symbolizes happiness and contentment, emotion and passion as well as encourages your appetite.
      • Orange: Is stimulating, spiritually optimistic and generates energy and happiness.
      • Yellow: Stimulates and animates and is traditionally associated with intelligence.
      • Green: Has a relaxing effect and symbolizes stability, security and emotional balance.
      • Blue: Is related to nobility and is recommended for places of rest.
      • Purple: Stimulates desire and aversion and indicates profound sentiments.
      • Skyline » Project #1 - Color wheel
  1. Update accent accessories in your space while leaving the bigger, more expensive pieces in place.  Buy and support local where you can, or order through Amazon and Wayfair for quick deliveries right to your front door.  Some ideas include:
    • Accent rugs
    • Throw pillows
    • Throw blankets
    • Wall art
  2. Bring the outdoors inside with plants and updated window coverings. These will bring attention to the natural light in the room.  Plants can be real or fake (fake if you’re like me and have trouble keeping real plants alive ?).
  3. Update your work-from-home space to be more productive and exciting to work in. Organizers, lamps, new pens and notebooks are always fun ideas.  Make your co-workers envy your space on all of the zoom calls we are spending so much time on.
  4. This is a great time to organize just about every room in your house from the kitchen, to your kid’s rooms, to your own room, which can also update the design.  Choose organizers that are both functional and pretty to bring new life to the space and make your life just a little bit easier during this crazy time.